3.0 tables in 2.1

Mon, 27 Feb 95 14:06:46 EST

There has been some discussion of tables in this group lately, but we
still seem to be working under the assumption that we won't get them
until HTML 3.0. I would like to suggest that we accelerate that
schedule, for two reasons: First, we industrial information providers
need a table capability for the minimally acceptable display of large
bodies of technical information; and second, table features loosely
based on the 3.0 model will begin to appear shortly in Web browsers
from several sources. These features need to be standardized ASAP for
reasons well known to us all.

There are lots of details to be worked out over just what should be
included in the table model, but no one seems to have any quarrel with
the basic structure in 3.0. I propose that we commit to putting some
form of this model in HTML 2.1 and that we begin work on it
immediately (not that a considerable amount of discussion hasn't
already taken place, but now with a specific commitment to
implementation in the 2.1 time frame).

Any thoughts on this?


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