Re: <BR align=xxx>

Jim Seidman (
Tue, 28 Feb 95 11:35:53 EST

Dave Raggett writes:
>To my understanding the browser can accumulate a line of text and then
>format it. The alignment is easily added at this stage. The ability to
>defer horizontal and vertical alignment in this way makes for a much
>simpler implementation. Arena manages this without difficulty!

I have some concern over the <br align-xxx> tag as well. If you're trying
to do progressive display (displaying the document as it's read off the
network) you want to be able to format as much as possible of an incomplete
document. Having a "postfix" tag which affects the preceding text makes
this more difficult. (Does Arena do progressive display? If so, how does
it handle this? Does it never format text until a markup tag is found?)

Jim Seidman, Senior Software Engineer, Spyglass Inc.