Re: <BR align=xxx>

Lou Montulli (
Wed, 1 Mar 95 14:05:27 EST

On Mar 1, 2:11am, Peter Flynn wrote:
> It would seem logical, Captain, that an ALIGN in a <br> should affect
> the text following it, up to the end of the current element, or the
> next <br> if there be one (this syntax is catching :-) I would expect
> the paragraph to be displayed as:
> Forasmuch as we have shewn in the foregoing the nature of our
> error, we earnestly beseech the reader not to tred too hastily
> in our path, lest it befall that:-
> he find not the will to pursue his endeavours;
> he lack the independence of thought necessary to so great an
> undertaking;
> he come not to that understanding of the nature of the Goddess
> which is a prerequisite for success.
> In other words, it should mean "break the line, and from hereon, set
> stuff centered until told otherwise, or the paragraph ends".
> ///Peter
>-- End of excerpt from Peter Flynn

If the objective of this group is to make HTML as obscure and hard
to understand as possible, then I would say that this use of the <BR>
tag goes a long way to further that goal. If on the other hand we intend
to produce a syntax that makes some sense and will actually be used
by the general public, we should not even consider adding an ALIGN attribute
to the <BR> tag since figureing out which text the tag will actually
effect will always be in question.

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