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Dan Connolly (
Tue, 7 Mar 95 01:26:25 EST

Dave Raggett writes:
> The draft proposal for HTML 3.0 is nearing completion and people may
> want to track its progress at:
> This is only its temporary home, and we will make a more lasting pointer
> from the W3C pages.

The traditional HTML page at:

HyperText Markup Language (HTML): Working and Background Materials
$Id: MarkUp.html,v 1.3 1995/03/07 06:01:41 connolly Exp $

has been updated to reflect the above pointer, as well as several
others, including a link to the HTML 2.0 Specification Review
Materials (which has not itself been updated: look out for broken links!)

As to suggestions and public annotations, MarkUp.html points to
several collaborative collections on HTML -- the HyperNews page, the
Yahoo page, and the VLib page (not to mention the archive of this
discussion forum).

The W3C team cannot currently edit the entire space of submissions,
but we hope to stay on top by keeping pointers to the folks that _are_
doing a good job of editing submissions.

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