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Noam Fraenkel (
Tue, 7 Mar 95 09:59:37 EST

On Mon, 27 Feb 95 13:10:09 EST Dave Raggett wrote:
>Larry Masinter writes:
>> Personally, I think the concentration on presentation misses the
>> point; what's really missing from the web is a better
>> forms/interaction language. It's only that the HTML-WG seems to be
>> full of 'text' folks that gives us the focus we have.
>Well, I am very keen to see better form handling, and have been pressing
>for some time for help with work on client-side scripts associated with
>forms. My time is already occupied with getting the HTML 3.0 draft done,
>but I have put a lot of thought into how to make this work effectively.
>Is there anybody out there prepared to work on this?

Dave, I'm quite interested in Client-Side scripts and better form handling, and
I'd like to start working on it. Could you please post here, or send to my
email address, any pointers that you have. I'd like to start rolling this side
of the Clients world.

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