Re: HTML3 body tag

Paul Burchard (
Tue, 7 Mar 95 12:44:22 EST

"Dave Raggett" <> asks:
> Do we really need REV and METHOD ?

REV, absolutely. It is much clearer than having two parallel sets of
relationship names and hoping that people will understand that they
are to be used in precisely opposite ways. For example, I prefer to
pair REL="Subdocument" (in the parent-to-child pointer) with
REV="Subdocument" (in the child-to-parent backpointer).

METHOD would be nice, in order to make foolproof links to canned POST
queries (although the length limitations of HREFs prevent this from
being a universal solution). By the way, the reverse capability
would also be very useful: a standard way to use FORMs to send
ISINDEX queries (thereby allowing multiple ISINDEX's to appear on a
page). Right now there's a hack in X Mosaic that if a GET FORM has a
single field named "isindex", the variable indicator "isindex=" will
be left out of the query string. It's not pretty, but it gets the
job done...anyone have a cleaner suggestion?

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