Re: IETF - Danvers

Alex Hopmann (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 00:25:04 -0800

>There was a brief flurry of discussion re. whether the conflict between
>the W3 conference and IETF/Danvers would make the HTML (and other WWW)
>related WG sessions in Danvers unproductive. In all groups some are
>more equal than others. My concern is that I spend my own funds to
>attend a session which can't be productive because too many key folks
>are unable to attend.
>So what is the consenus? Will participation in Danvers help improve
>the WG work product?
I need to agree that this is an important issue. I need to decide soon
whether or not to attend. I was planning on attending but schedules are
tight (I guess like usual) and if there is not going to be important work
going on in HTML or HTTP I should probably skip. Whats the group consensus?

I should add that I consider this Client-Side stuff really important. It is
something that we were doing some work on as well. So if it is going to be
worked on at the IETF, I will feel almost compelled to be present. I feel
pretty divided on this thing, and would kind of like for the session to be
canceled until the next IETF, but ????

Alex Hopmann
ResNova Software, Inc.