Re: Client-Side Scripts

Dave Raggett (
Thu, 09 Mar 95 11:21:25 GMT

> I agree that the VM route is a good one.
> Have you seen the blurb on WebRunner and Java (from Sun). The former
> is a browser, and the latter is an OOPL similar to (but cleaner
> than!!!) C++. Java is compiled into byte-codes, and has mechanisms for
> dynamically loading libraries across the network. It is soon to be
> released under conditions similar to Sun RPC I believe.

Can you give me a pointer to these?

> Also, by "componentware", what do you mean? Will it be based on
> OpenDOC, OLE, COM, CORBA, or...

This is a matter for discussion, but right now, I am looking at using
DLLs for a fine grained design for a custom control for Visual Basic or
OLE 2.0. The code will be written to simplify porting to other platforms.

> Fresco probably deserves a look as it works under both X11 and WIndows
> NT.

Can you mail me a pointer to this, please?

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