Re: 2 Questions Regarding HTML
Fri, 10 Mar 95 07:46 PST

Peter Flynn writes:
> > 1) Is the Width="nnn%" a valid option for the <BR> element
> Nope. The DTD says:
> %SDAPREF; "&#RE;"
> >

Ummmm... I think he mean <HR> peter. Still not a valid option, but I
think it should be - you can do some pleasing things with it, and a few
browsers support it (Emacs-w3 and Netscape, and I want to make AIR Mosaic
support it if I ever get time away from working on our server).

I would not use WIDTH="NNN%" though, I would prefer something like:
<HR WIDTH=50 EM=?????>

Where em could be pixels, logical (for percentage of screen), etc. Would
blend in better with the other tags in HTML 3.0 that specify things in more
than one unit-measure.

> > 2) Is <BLINK> ... </BLINK> a valid command...
> Nope. It's an invention of MCom's and only works in Netscape.

Well, not anymore. I implemented it in emacs-w3 just for completeness of
the 'top ten html commands not put into netscape', along with <pinhead>
<hype> <yogsothoth>, etc. <pinhead> is actually sort of fun to use. :)

-Bill P.