Re: HTML3.0 DTD under SGMLS

Dave Raggett (
Mon, 13 Mar 95 18:36:48 GMT

> I have been trying to use the HTML3.0 DTD under SGMLS 1.1 and have been
> having some problems. Can anybody help me?

> Where can I obtain "-//IETF//ENTITIES Added Latin 1 for HTML//EN",
> "-//IETF//ENTITIES icons for HTML//EN", and
> "-//IETF//ENTITIES Math and Greek for HTML//EN" (if anywhere?). Or
> the (unspecified) DSSSL standard?

The NAMELEN problems etc will go away if you use the <!SGML> declaration
included with HTML 2.0 and 3.0, see:

I hope to get the files for the entities sorted out as soon as possible
so please be patient.

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