Problems with GRPCNT on HTML 2.0 DTD

Martin Bryan (
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 10:05:26 GMT

Message from Martin Bryan at The SGML Centre, Churchdown, UK
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When I came to use the HTML 2.0 DTD prrovided in the February 8, 1995,
version of the <draft-ietf-html-spec-01.txt> I found that the DTD
exceeded SGML's GRPCNT limit (32) but that the SGML declaration did
not update this default. (I upped it to 40 to be safe and then had
no problems.)

I also note that the underline character is not a valid name character.
As IETF documents frequently use an underline to separate words within
attributes all such documents will fail to conform to Version 2 of your DTD!

Another area where I had some problems was with the //HTML version
identifier that you placed on the end of the public identifier for
ISOlat1. Most SGML parsers already have a pointer to their own internal
definition of ISOlat1. This is picked up with the standard public identifier.
Adding your own version qualifier stops the standard definitions from being
accessed on my parser (MARK-IT). It seems unnecessary to add yet another
file reference for the HTML application when you are really just trying
to reference the ISO character set in any case, especially as your own
specification does not include //HTML as part of its suggested identifier!

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