Re: Thoughts on CLASS and ROLE attributes in HTML 3 draft

Peter Flynn (
16 Mar 1995 11:30:17 +0000 (GMT)

Goran Oberg wrote me:
> A little webbing and gophering reveals that the ISO standard for
> language codes is ISO 639:1988. As usual you have to buy this on paper
> from the ISO or your national standards body.
> =

> Q. Does anyone have it (pirated?) in machine-readable form?

How about <URL:>?

There are only a two files but when I collect more ISO-material of
interest it'll go into the same directory.

It's not very pirated though as I found it in (among other places)

I'm not sure whether this answer qualifies to be posted to the HTML-WG,
therefore I'm sending the answer to you only. Feel free though to
redistribute it to the list if you consider it appropriate.

Many thanks, Goran. It may or may not be pirated, but we need it