Re: Thoughts on CLASS and ROLE attributes in HTML 3 draft

Albert Lunde (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:46:08 -0600

At 11:15 AM 3/16/95, Dave Raggett wrote:
>>> Definitely would be useful - anyone? I'm going to implement the <lang>
>>> tag that is in there sometime soon, and a list would be most useful.
>The language values are composed from the two letter language code
>as defined by ISO 639 followed by a period, and then a two letter
>country code from ISO 3166.
>I could include these lists as an appendix in the Internet Draft
>for HTML 3.0 - its already 177 pages long so a few more won't harm! :-)

I'm in favor of providing this sort of thing for informational purposes.

I think we should be referencing RFC1766, (like the latest HTTP draft)
which defines a syntax for language tags that is a superset of the ISO 639
+ ISO 3166 scheme.

    Albert Lunde