Re: CAPTION in FIG element

Terry Allen (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 11:11:15 PST

I can't duplicate your error when I wrap up your first example so:
<!doctype html system "html.3.dtd">
foo Figure 1: something

Hello, you can't see my pretty picture

But when I tried your second example I found there was pernicious mixed content (and you left out a required SRC att on FIG). The following parses okay: Tester


Ground dweller: Nicodamus bicolor builds silk snares

A small hairy spider light fleshy red in color with a brown abdomen.J. A. L. Cooke/OSF Also note that line 552 in the 13 March DTD should be I strongly suggest that the pernicious mixed content be removed from the DTD here and wherever else it may occur. This is the single least understandable syntactic restriction of SGML for ordinary humans. Regards, -- Terry Allen ( O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Editor, Digital Media Group 101 Morris St. Sebastopol, Calif., 95472 occasional column at: A Davenport Group sponsor. For information on the Davenport Group see or