Re: Enhancements for HTML 2.1

Sat, 18 Mar 1995 21:14:04 +0800

Liam Quin <> writes:

| Larry Masinter <> writes:
| > Is there anyone else reconsidering their devotion to having a '2.1' at
| > all? By the time we get 2.0 out the door, shouldn't we just be ready
| > to nail down 3.0 too? I've forgotten the value of having an
| > intermediate step; can someone remind me?
| I think the intermediate step was intended to allow the HTML WG to catch
| up with changes in current practice before dealing with HTML 3, and also
| to `sneak in' some things that didn't make it in time in HTML 2.


| I think, though, that you're right --- current practice has moved on, and
| with at least three browsers implementing more or less of HTML 3, there's
| little point doing anything inbetween.
| It might be possible to punt on some of the more contentious areas of HTML 3,
| if there are any. Mathematics comes to mind. So do tables, but I don't
| think we can delay those any longer.
| There are certainly some experimental parts of HTML 3, and it may be
| necessary to put out a partial draft or something.

And if you call it "2.1", you will be doing essentially what I was
suggesting. Only I want to get tables out right away and not wait for
resolution on anything else.

| Perhaps we should start listing the things that are and are not agreed?
| E.g.
| Tables - must have, work still to do
| Styles - no consensus yet
| Footnotes - OK
| HyTime links - no consensus reached
| Client-side scripting - no proposal yet
| Full SGML in the client - no proposal yet
| Unicode support - no consensus reached
| FIG extension - OK
| client side image map - no consensus reached
| and so on. I am not trying to be very accurate here about the
| status of each thing, only to start a list.

Thanks for doing this.

I don't see any basic disagreement here, just the very strong
suspicion on my part that the issues you've listed aren't going to get
completely resolved in the next few weeks, whereas tables can be and
should be. Am I alone in this suspicion? Does everyone think that
the open issues in Lee's list have all been discussed thoroughly and
can be wrapped up as quickly as tables can?


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