Re: FORMS inconsistency
Sun, 19 Mar 95 18:48 PST writes:
> I just want to tell about an inconsistency I have encountered when using
> FORMS and character entities. In the following I will refer to chapter
> 2.17.2 (ISO Latin 1 Character Entities) of the Version 2.0 internet
> draft.
> The problem is the use of character entities on buttons:
> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="S&auml;u&oauml;che sta&uuml;ar&szlig;ten">. <P>
> <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Suche staraten">. <P>
> From my understanding the first one is correct HTML syntax, but it does
> not work (at least not on my IBM OS/2 browser). The second one does
> indeed work, but I assume that not to be codepage compatible. (Note: The
> characters in the second example are german characters a", o", u" and sz
> (ss).)

The OS/2 browser is broken if it doesn't handle #1 - write to them and
gripe. :)

> May be it is already known, but I think as the english speaking internet
> audience hasn't that much to deal with character entities.
> Oncemore sorry for posting this information here if it should be the
> wrong place, but I think that to be a real specification inconsistency
> and want the right people to know it.

Its a general SGML-ism that you are allowed to have character entities in
attribute/value pairs on any tag. Most new browsers support this already
(netscape, emacs, AIR Mosaic, etc)

-Bill P.