Super/Sub for HTML 2.1

Terry Allen (
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 12:24:18 PST

Eric writes:
>Regarding scholarly publishing in HTML, by far the most significant
contribution for the least amount of development is the implementation of
super and subscripts. While there does not seem to be a consensus
with respect to MATH (complexity of implementation, incremental
incorporation, etc.), there *did* (a couple months ago) seem to be a
consensus with respect to the inclusion of super and subscripts. I would
like to see this capability added to the 2.1 list.

and I agree. Dave's current model in 3.0 is

<!ENTITY % font " U | S | TT | I | BIG | SMALL">
<!ENTITY % phrase "EM | STRONG | CODE | SAMP | KBD | VAR | CITE">
<!ENTITY % special "TAB | MATH | A | IMG | BR">
<!ENTITY % notmath "%font | %phrase | %special | %misc">
<!ENTITY % text "#PCDATA | SUB | SUP | B | %notmath">
<!ELEMENT (%font|B|%phrase|%misc) - - (%text)+>
<!ATTLIST (%font|B|%phrase|%misc) %attrs;>

<!-- Subscripts and superscripts. The ALIGN attribute is only used for math -->

<!ELEMENT (SUB|SUP) - - (%text)+>
align (left|center|right) #IMPLIED

(rearranged slightly). I suggest that %misc;, which is included through
%notmath; in %text;, is not stuff that one would expect to find in a
super- or subscript, and should be eliminated from the SUB/SUP content
model one way or another. And we might leave out the ALIGN att for the
purposes of 2.1

But otherwise, why not take this chunk of 3.0 for 2.1?


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