Re: Enhancements for HTML 2.1
Mon, 20 Mar 1995 16:52:42 PST

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> Could we add to the list:
> File upload in forms -- consensus almost reached
> Should this go in 2.1 or 3.0 ?
> For File upload we have documentation and a working implementation -
> but AFAIK the finer details were still not entirely clear (packet v
> normal multipart separators).

Yes, please include file upload in the list. There was a lot of initial debate
about this, but the current internet draft is, I think, widely agreed upon.
The issue mentioned above is discussed in section 5.3 of the draft, which can
be found at:

The sample implementation for Mosaic for X can be found at:

We have also created helper applications for X and Windows that perform file
upload as specified in section 4 of the draft (although these are not publicly
available, yet.)