The remaining issues list
Tue, 21 Mar 95 16:51:44 EST

Here is a summary of the issues I listed, together with diverse other issues
that arose whilst discussing aforesaid & aforementioned issues.
(Unless I missed someone; please don't waste time saying
I left you out -- if your issue isn't here, raise it!)

Someone else please take over, I'm gone for 2 weeks.


| Universal CLASS attribute.
Joe English <>
[consensus - Lee]

| The <DIV> element.
Joe English <>
DIV element -- I believe there was consensus on this.
Peter Flynn <>
Stick with <div class="chapter"> etc for the moment. Going for
fully-fledged <div0> <div1> etc is probably too much for the user
[disagreements still - Lee]
| Universal ID attribute.
Joe English <>
Of the three changes, this is the only one that would require
modifications to existing browsers
Liam Quin <>
This means that it can't be part of 2.1, but could be part
of 3.0, right?
[disagreements still; but the attributes could go in the DTD if browsers
were allowed to ignore them (which they are), right? Lee]
| Tables - must have, work still to do
Peter Flynn <>
What's waiting here?
strong suspicion that the issues [...] aren't going to get
completely resolved in the next few weeks, whereas tables can be and
should be.
Joe English <>
For tables, the basic content model seems pretty solid.
There was a question about whether <TH> cells should be
allowed anywhere in a <TR>; I think this was resolved.
There may be questions about the formatting attributes,
wrt compatibility with other table models, ICADD in
particular. Is the colspec attribute OK?
Brian Behlendorf <>
What's left? It seems mostly complete to me, the netscape extensions
are all stylesheet-able.
[still under discussion, no consensus yet aboutthe details - Lee]

| Styles - no consensus yet
Peter Flynn <>
Regardless of how they get referenced, we need an explicit statement
of how you describe styles. Just saying "like you do X resources"
isn't enough for the average (ie non-X) user.
Brian Behlendorf <>
This is where we should focus most of our effort now - Arena's
implementation is not bad at all, but we should also make sure other
attributes (like widths of tables) can be expressed.
[no consensus - Lee]

| Footnotes - no consensus
Joe English <>
should there be a separate FN element,
or should these be specified with <NOTE ROLE=footnote>?
(I say the FN element should be reintroduced.)
[still under discussion, no consensus - Lee]
[[I think they should be a style sheet option, as in Panorama!]

| HyTime links - no consensus reached
Gavin Nicol <>
will probably not be resolved in any great hurry.
Peter Flynn <>
HyTime goes on the list for's just too much/too big to
get into HTML3 st this stage.
Brian Behlendorf <>
I think the messages posted here in the last week indicate that it's
a bigger issue than we can deal with now.
[no consensus - Lee]

| Client-side scripting - no proposal yet
Gavin Nicol <>
will probably not be resolved in any great hurry.
Brian Behlendorf <>
completely orthogonal to HTML
[no consensus - Lee]

| Full SGML in the client - no proposal yet
Gavin Nicol <>
will probably not be resolved in any great hurry.
Peter Flynn <>
Fine once we get enough bandwidth to handle the extra requests. See my
sketch proposal below, but this should be HTML4. (Amanda Walker)
Full SGML in the client is something I oppose
Brian Behlendorf <>
completely orthogonal to HTML
[ consensus: we don't do this yet - Lee]

| Unicode support - no consensus reached
Gavin Nicol <>
will probably not be resolved in any great hurry. I should have
something to offer regarding Unicode and what not this week
Rick Jellife has got ERCS online at the SGML Open WWW site.
Terry Allen <>
Let's say instead, "character set encodings" for purpose of discussion.
This is one of the big items that was supposed to get into 2.1. (Albert Lunde)
[...] it looks like ERCS is itself in draft status.
Peter Flynn <>
I thought this one had been put to bed.
[Liam: I think `put to bed' means `resolved', not `forgotten'.] (Amanda Walker)
our client already has Unicode support designed and ready to implement
as soon as I see a consensus on how Unicode pages will be labelled
and encoded.
[issues remain to be resolved - no consensus - Lee]

| FIG extension - OK
Joe English <>
<FIG> -- the content model needs to be fixed to eliminate
the pernicious mixed content (Amanda Walker)
FIG definitely looks good, and is a reasonable
stopgap for client-side image maps for many purposes.
[work to do still, but close to consensus? - Lee]

| client side image map - no consensus reached
Joe English <>
The question of how to add client-side image maps is still open
Brian Behlendorf <>
Client side imagemaps as implemented by FIG are very clean, in my
opinion (though I'm having trouble getting it to work with Arena...)
[disagreement about whether consesnus reached = no consensus - Lee]

| Revised content models for LI and DD
Peter Flynn <>
Do we get to allow users to put text as direct content of <li>,
<dd> etc without the need for an internal <p>?
[?? - Lee]

| Mathematics (Eric Miller)
there does not seem to be a consensus with respect to MATH
[if anyone says there's no consensus, there clearly isn't - Lee]

| SUB and SUP (Eric Miller)
there *did* (a couple months ago) seem to be a consensus with respect
to the inclusion of super and subscripts. I would like to see this
capability added to the 2.1 list.
Terry Allen <>
and I agree.

[sounds OK, we all agree on this one. Also, NCSA Mosaic implements it now -
BUT it requires a client change, of course - Lee]

| File upload in forms
Christian Mogensen <mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU>
consensus almost reached; Should this go in 2.1 or 3.0 ?
For File upload we have documentation and a working implementation -
but AFAIK the finer details were still not entirely clear (packet v
normal multipart separators).
the current internet draft is, I think, widely agreed upon.
The sample implementation for Mosaic for X can be found at:
We have also created helper applications for X and Windows that perform
file upload as specified in section 4 of the draft (although these are
not publicly available, yet.)
[there seems to be agreement on this one, but the details not finished - Lee]


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