Re: Update on HTML 3.0 proposal

Dave Raggett (
Wed, 22 Mar 95 07:15:18 EST

Some people may have found my earlier posting confusing:

> Can anyone help me resolve a design issue for textflow?
> I would like to merge the functionality of the NEEDS attribute
> into the CLEAR attribute so that:

> clear=left
> Move down until the left margin is clear
> clear=right
> Move down until the right margin is clear
> clear=all
> Move down until both margins are clear
> clear="40 em"
> Move down if there isn't at least 40 em units clear
> clear="100 pixels"
> Move down if there isn't at least 100 pixels clear

If you have a figure in the left margin, such that subsequent elements
are flowed around it, then sometimes, you will want a given element
say a header or a new paragaph or a list to start below the figure and
not alongside it.

You then have two choices: either to always move below the figure to
start the list (or whatever), or to only move if there isn't enough
room. You can experiment with this stuff using Netscape, e.g.

<img align=left src=foo.gif>
some text <br clear=left>
some more text

Try altering the amount of text and the clear attribute in the BR element.
For a real example of this, have a look at my home page, see below.

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