The remaining issues list: Tables in 2.1

Bruce F. Webster (
Wed, 22 Mar 95 13:17:57 EST

> [clipped lengthy discussion as to whether folks actually want tables in

> their web pages right now]

A few more data points. As we've gone around showing off our web authoring
tools, we get a _very_ strong reaction to the fact that users can lay out
and edit tables, then embed them in the resulting HTML documents either as
<PRE>s or as embedded GIFs. And the immediate follow-up question is, "Will
you support HTML 3.0 tables?"

While it's not true that 99% of all web _pages_ need tables, probably 90%
of all web _sites_ would like to have them for one or more pages. I vote
for a table spec, even a limited one, in HTML 2.1; waiting until HTML 3.0
risks allowing a proprietary standard to be established.

And, by the way, we're just waiting for the spec to be agreed upon to
start emitting HTML-standard tables. ..bruce..
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