Re:Re Hytime for HTML 3.0

Terry Allen (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 11:01:24 EST

>This is a very interesting question. Right now there are only one to
one links on the Web. In an NMLIST element you may put several IDs
from the target document. So you can link to several locations.
Moreover you can have several NMLIST elements in the NMLOC so that you
can link to multiple locations belonging to several documents (because
of the docorsub attribute on NMLIST). Right now it might not be
interesting (in HTML 3), but I am sure this is something people will
want in the future.

Yes, they may well want it. The functionality could be supplied by
amplifying the present approach with URLs. Also to be discussed is
what browser behavior is to be expected from a single link to many
targets (compared to one link per target, which you can do already
and which seems more transparent to the user).


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