Re: proposal for a new html tag (fwd)

Gavin Nicol (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 13:14:07 EST

>It seems to me that we should specifically be trying to find a way to
>PREVENT sending the entire document over unless it is actually required
>by the user. This would be a more efficient use of Net bandwidth, client
>The question is, do we leave it to each Web site to come up with their
>own solution or do we find a standard effective way to accomplish this
>through HTML or HTTP? I vote for the latter. But how would this be
>best accomplished?

While it can be accomplished with the current specifications, it is
not elegant. Dynaweb does this by having a MAXBYTES configuration
parameter, which the publisher sets, and users can override (via URL
extensions). Perhaps we could have another Accept: parameter

Accept-Size: text/nnnn, graphics/nnnn

which would allow the server to make decisions based on user