Roy T. Fielding (fielding@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Thu, 23 Mar 95 19:31:35 EST

There is one inconsistency that I need to ask about now.

In Section 2.8.3 in the paragraph under REL:

... The attribute value is a comma-separated list of relationship
values. Values and their semantics will be registered by the
HTML registration authority.

but, the DTD says:

<!ENTITY % linkType "NAME"
-- a list of these will be specified at a later date -->

<!ENTITY % linkExtraAttributes
"REL %linkType #IMPLIED
REV %linkType #IMPLIED

A "comma-separated list" is clearly not going to fit in a NAME.
However, the list is what was defined in the original WWW design
notes, and I think multiple relations per link is still desired.
Therefore, we can either change it to a whitespace separated list:

<!ENTITY % linkType "NAMES">

or stick with the original comma-separated list:

<!ENTITY % linkType "CDATA">

What's it going to be?

Also, note the reference to an "HTML registration authority".
We need to define this (the same is true for HTTP). Since the link
names have more to do with the overall hypertext relationship model,
I think the registry will have to be at W3C. Therefore, we should ask
someone at W3C (Dan? Dave?) to set up a registry and a semi-permanent
URL to which the spec can point.

....Roy T. Fielding Department of ICS, University of California, Irvine USA