Re: Ems in tables

Sun, 26 Mar 95 12:51:22 EST

> It seems to me that a perfectly simple and well-defined interpretation
> of ems in table column widths is that they refer to ems at the start
> of the table - i.e. the type size in use when <table...> was encountered.

So if the sentence immediately preceding the <table> tag is

... the command to format a diskette is FORMAT A: /U.

(where "FORMAT A: /U" is in monospaced Courier but the rest is in
proportionally spaced Times) then "em" in the table that follows means
the em of the Courier font. But if I change my mind and edit the
sentence to read

... the command FORMAT A: /U can be used to format a diskette.

then "em" in the table that follows is now suddenly the em of the
Times font.

This is "perfectly simple and well-defined"?


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