Re: HyTime HTML 3.0 proposal

Daniel Glazman (
Mon, 27 Mar 95 08:28:17 EST

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> [2] (on HoTMetaL)
> > It can also be an advantage for editors... You all know the "Local & Active"
> > character entities in HotMe*al. A general entities' management could be
> > very easily implemented/handled with such a mechanism.
> HoTMetaL PRO users generally don't see `Local & Active', and I think that
> the next version of the freely available HoTMetaL also does away with the
> need to see it. Actually, since you can type the entity (e.g. e-grave)
> directly at the keyboard, even current HoTMetaL users needn't see it.
> If this doesn't work on SunOS, try the dynamically linked binary.

The typeable entities from a Sun keyboard mainly belong to isolatin 1 and 2...
WWW browsers are actually too font-dependant to restitute all ISO character

> [1]
> Generalised support for SGML Entities is quite a long way away in HTML
> browsers, I think. In fact, support for arbitrary nesting of elements

Well, I guess you are right... But the Kolossal number of non-SGML conformant
HTML documents around the world will increase until parser integration in

> requires work in some of the browsers, let alone many of the more complex
> SGML concepts. Heck, <! starts a comment even in the latest Netscape.

Nom de Zeus !!!! (in French in the text....)