Re: progress on HTML 2.0 reconstruction

Gavin Nicol (
Tue, 28 Mar 95 21:46:28 EST

> The intent, however, is that such a declaration be as identical as
> possible to that of section 12.3, the only differences being those
> required to support the announced charset.
>>6.3.2 Character octet reference
>It doesn't make much sense to say "#233" to mean "e-acute" in a
>document if codepoint 233 in that document's encoding means something
>else than "e-acute". I would either restrict the use of those
>entities to documents encoded in Latin-1, or specify that they mean
>"the character whose codepoint is given by the number, in the encoding
>specified by the charset parameter (ISO-8859-1 by default)".

I hope to offer a solution to both these problems.