Re: progress on HTML 2.0 reconstruction

David - Morris (
Wed, 29 Mar 95 05:31:21 EST

On Mon, 27 Mar 1995, Paul Burchard wrote:

> with:
> "Fields with null values may be omitted from the returned list of
> name/value pairs, whereas those with non-null values should be
> included (even if the value was not altered by the user). In
> particular, unselected radio buttons and checkboxes should be
> excluded from the contents list."
> Admittedly, this is not saying the same thing. It allows

And I disagree with the result. Forms input processing programs already
carry quite a burden due to the stateless nature of the interaction.
Any field altered by the user should be transmitted.

Is it clear that NULL != BLANK from the remainder of the text? I'm working
on a charmode connection from my hotel at Interop so can't check.

Dave Morris