input type=file

Thu, 30 Mar 95 01:29:40 EST

I'm puzzled about something. This is more an HTTP question than an
HTML question, but it is pertinent, given the push to get HTML 2.1
finalized (seemingly before 2.0). If I use an <input type=file>, what
does the query string contain?

The file name or path? This would not be terribly useful in most

A URL for the file? If this is the case, it strikes me as a very
harsh restriction to only be able to upload web-accessible files.

The whole file? Some (most? all?) OSs will probably have limits on
environment variable lengths that would would rule out using the GET

Some sort of size and name indicator, with the actual file in the
content portion of the request? This one seems to make the most
sense, although I'm sure there will be servers that flame out on large

The same question suggests itself for type=scribble and type=sound
(although I didn't see this one in the latest 3.0 spec; did it die?
did I dream it?). Designing this stuff into HTML is great, but if
browsers and servers are going to support it, the HTTP issues have to
be addressed as well. If this IS already addressed somewhere, I offer
my apologies and ask only that someone hurl me the URL. Thanks.


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