Re: Defined facilities for the extension of HTML

Ralph Ferris (
Thu, 30 Mar 95 10:19:44 EST

Roger Price wrote:
> I am one of the editors of the forthcoming ISO 13522 from
> JTC1/SC29/WG12 which will provide a generic
> representation for final form multimedia and
> hypermedia objects which may be used in minimal resource
> systems.

> Parts 3 and 4 address the requirements for scripting
> language extensions

Paul Burchard replied:
> Great -- we need something like this immediately. As we speak,
> people are hacking interactivity into both HTML and VRML. If you
> folks have thought carefully through the issues, let's see it now (or
> hold your peace when it's too late and de facto standards have
> emerged).

In addition to the work on ISO 13522, another, complementary
standard is being developed in ANSI X3V1: SMSL - Standard Multimedia
Scripting Language. I would encourage everyone interested in the
development of a compatible set of standards to join the ANSI
Task Group working on this project. The project editor is Brian
Markey of Permanent Wave Productions. The Task Group chair is
Dr. Charles Goldfarb. For information on attending the next ANSI
meeting, scheduled for June in San Jose, contact Rudolf Riess -
Digital Equipment e-mail:


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