Re: HTML table model suggestion

Thu, 30 Mar 95 17:25:31 EST

[Dave Raggett:]

> The semantics of the current HTML 3 proposal seem clear enough

Yes, they "seem" clear enough, and maybe after a few years we will
find out that they are. And maybe not. If we adopt a new model,
that's something that we will all have to find out. Some people find
that kind of adventure interesting. Some of the rest of us who are
concerned primarily with making documents available don't find it so

Personally, I rather like the idea of going with a table model in
which the semantics have already had several years to work themselves
out. A model that has already been worked with by a few thousand
people to produce a few million pages. A model that already has some
industrial-strength commercial applications from companies like
Interleaf and Frame and ArborText and SoftQuad.

> Given, that the philosophy of HTML is to keep it simple, and that
> significant numbers of people will want to continue to edit HTML
> directly, why should we complicate HTML for the sake of minor
> simplifications to CALS filters?

Sorry, I don't see the current 3.0 model as being significantly
simpler than the one that Paul is proposing.


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