Re: Enhancements for HTML 2.1
Thu, 30 Mar 95 21:32:35 EST

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(I think this got truncated last time I sent it.)

>As a result, I think that any ``2.1''-isms need to be evaluated with
>a: are there existing implementations?
>b: do the existing implementations have a common working subset?
>c: are documents using new features rendered acceptably in existing,
> actual browsers?
>d: are the changes such that all existing valid HTML documents will
>remain valid?
>e: do the changes follow the ruls & conventions that apply (e.g. SGML,
>but also IETF RFCs where they apply)?
> ...
>The file upload gets (no, n/a, ?, yes, yes) as far as I understand it.

I would say file upload gets (no, n/a, yes, yes, yes). The default value
of the TYPE attribute in the INPUT element is 'text'. Browsers that can't
give the user a file selection dialog box will just give the user a text
field. This is acceptable rendering.

Also, the answer to question a. for file upload is 'yes' if you consider
that there is a publicly available sample implementation (on Mosaic for
X) stored in EIT's ftp server, but I don't know if any browser
implementors have actually picked it up and put it in their browsers.