Re: Numeric Char Ents in 2.0 draft

Gavin Nicol (
Thu, 30 Mar 95 22:36:14 EST

>I confess I didn't fully understand what was intended by the following
>until yesterday afternoon. I believe the functionality it describes
>is not conformant with ISO 8879.
>| Character octet references are represented in an HTML document as
>| SGML entities whose name is number sign (#) followed by a numeral
>| from 32-126 and 161-255. The HTML DTD includes a numeric character
>| for each of the printing characters of the ISO-8859-1 encoding, so
>| that one may reference them by number if it is inconvenient to
>| enter them directly.
>| The character octet references are not dependent on the character
>| set encoding of the document. For example, "×" always
>| represents the ISO-8859-1 multiply sign, even when the document's
>| declared character set is other than ISO-8859-1.

Yes. This is non-conformant, as Francois was quick to point out. I
noted that I have a possible solution to this problem in my newest
paper (almost done).