Re: HTML/SGML/charsets

Eric W. Sink (
Fri, 31 Mar 95 14:18:21 EST

Dan Connolly writes:

>I don't know what you're recalling, but I wish you'd be more specific
>in how you believe they conflict. I hope the draft I'm polishing
>up will make it clear that they don't. Stay tuned...

My recollection is that the group felt that the standard SGML mechanism for
specifying document character sets would conflict with the standard
Internet Media Type mechanism for doing the same. We had verbal discussion
about this in San Jose, and we've had megabytes of similar discussion on
the list. It's possible that I missed something.

I'm looking for Rough Consensus. The group definitely has perceived a
conflict between SGML and Internet Media Type in the handling of the
charset issue. Given that perception of conflict, one of two things must

(1) We choose *one* of the two areas in conflict.
(2) Someone really clever shows that the conflict isn't real.

It sounds like Dan is standing up to be the really clever person to resolve
the situation. Great! From my "co-chair point of view", a new 'sequence
point' happens when Rough Consensus occurs, so as soon as we have Rough
Consensus that there is no conflict, I'll believe it. ;-)

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