Re: Dan's new draft looks good

Dan Connolly (
Mon, 3 Apr 95 08:50:30 EDT

Eric W. Sink writes:
> >That is much better language re charsets, Dan. It satisfies me.
> Ah, now I see Rough Consensus, I think.
> So now I want to know where the 'official' document is. Dan and Roy look
> to me like the primary suspects. :-) Did Roy pass the Frame file to Dan
> who made the changes and then churned out this new ASCII version of the
> draft?

In spirit, yes. In fact, I hacked the plain text version (since I
don't have FrameMaker on my linux box at home, and nor am I familiar
with the Frame->text toolset.)

I just wanted to get this draft out quickly, since there was a certain
amount of "swirling" going on, and it was really only happening
because nobody had written down what we really did agree on.

Next week, I'll port my changes to the frame document and build HTML
and text, and run the spell checker, and integrate any tweaks
suggested at the IETF meeting. Then we'll be at last call status.