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]> But do we need to worry about printed tables when we are defining a markup
]> for an electronic publishing medium, i.e., there is no definition of a page?

] Are you sure such a definition won't be proposed soon ??? I am quite
]certain that pages will be a subject of discussion in the next months.

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One of the things that drives me crazy about most of the WWW browsers
that I have met so far, is their total disregard for the requirements of
the printed page.

When I find something that I like / want to record / want to re-read
later / wnat to file in some way, I will print it.

On a printed page, I EXPECT to see headers with at least the document
title and a page number, footers with the date and time that it was
printed. In the case of a WWW browser I want the URL on the printoutp!
Not a lot to ask for?

When a table is printed, I also would expect some paper-friendly
actions. Table headers should be repeated on continuation pages and a
footnote should be at the bottom of the page that holds the cell it
relates to. Table footnotes should be repeated on each page that holds
the table.

I don't see that a "page" is only a piece of paper. A document on a
screen is being presented in a page too; the header is the window title,
the footer is a status bar, footnotes are ruled-off areas at the bottom
of the window.

The information should be presented in a form that suits the medium; a
printout is NOT just a pixel dump of the screen!

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