Re: progress on HTML 2.0 reconstruction

Maurizio Codogno (
Mon, 3 Apr 95 11:50:38 EDT

% From: Gavin Nicol <>

% >> why not simply forbid numeric character references in documents not
% >> encoded in Latin-1, as a stopgap measure? I don't think that would
% >> break with current practice, so it should be acceptable.

% This is unacceptable as it will break a lot of browsers (or rather,
% render them illegal). For the moment, people will just have to put up
% with the fact that if they use numeric character references, the
% results may, or may not, look the same in all browsers.

Pardon me, but I am dumb. I am using the numeric reference for the symbol
of copyright (Mosaic does not recognise &copy; as an entity). I rely on the
fact that my document is implicitly written in ISO-8859-1, since I did not
add anything.

Is it possible for another browser to be based on another charset by default?
If so, obviously my pages are broken...