Re: HTML table model suggestion

Christian Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Mon, 3 Apr 95 20:44:33 EDT

Ian Higgs +44 171 510 8595 <>
>One of the things that drives me crazy about most of the WWW browsers
>that I have met so far, is their total disregard for the requirements of
>the printed page.
>When I find something that I like / want to record / want to re-read
>later / wnat to file in some way, I will print it.
>On a printed page, I EXPECT to see headers with at least the document
>title and a page number, footers with the date and time that it was
>printed. In the case of a WWW browser I want the URL on the printoutp!
>Not a lot to ask for?

Well - the things you have just described are browser problems - not
something that the HTML spec has to worry about. The browser I use
most of the time does group annotations, prints collections of
documents, adds footnotes for all the links and can add pagenumbers,
URLs and Titles if so required. (And no, it's not ready yet! We can't
support it and are wary of releasing this hacked Mosaic code now)

Adding the printing changes was not a major thing - an undergrad did it in
less than three months.

Christian "webhead <*>"