Re: input type=file

Peter Flynn (
Wed, 5 Apr 95 04:17:48 EDT

Larry asked:
> >Should I submit 'multipart/form-data' for IANA registration as a Media
> >type? I'd guess I'd have to extract the definition from the file
> >upload internet draft somehow, and then publish it more permanently
> >than as an Internet Draft. Suggestions?
Gavin replied:
> Please *do* submit it. I think it will be absolutely vital in the
> future. The current system of tacking form data on the end of URL
> fails to properly identify the data being sent, among many other
> problems. Eventually, I would like to see *all* forms data sent via a
> multipart/form-data message body.

I support this wholeheartedly. The ?string URL "suffix" was/is adequate
for occasions when <isindex> is the only data-entry mechanism. Sending
arbitrarily long strings in this way seems to me to be inefficient and

> Can this be used outside the WWW? It seems that something like this
> might be useful in other contexts.

The name=value pairing format is so universal for so many applications
that I would have thought it would be very useful.

BTW, where/how does one register new URL `scheme' names? A couple of
people have asked me if iphone://foobar or cuseeme://blort would ever
become a reality.