version 2 or version 3?

Kline, Bob (
Wed, 5 Apr 95 20:22:58 EDT

I picked up a document from the Web this afternoon which was
described as the text for the draft of version 3 of the HTML
specification. The upper left corner of the document says:

HTML Working Group
Expires September 29, 1995

The title of the document, however, is "HyperText Markup
Language -- 2.0" and a couple of paragraphs into the
document is the statement "The 'text/html; version=2.0'
Internet Media Type (RFC 1590) and MIME Content Type (RFC
1521) is defined by this specification."

So I'm uncertain whether what I have describes version 2 or
version 3. If it's version 2, where can I obtain the latest
draft for version 3? Thanks very much!

Bob Kline