Potentially useful information

Joe English (joe@trystero.art.com)
Mon, 10 Apr 95 01:58:02 EDT

Found something whilst surfing that may be of general interest:

A draft of the first technical corrigendum to the HyTime
standard has recently been made available. There is a new
Annex defining "formal system identifiers", which, among
other things, provides a framework for handling different
character encodings [*].

It's in Erik Naggum's SGML repository at UIO:


It looks very similar to the FSI scheme that SP uses.

Another new annex, in the same directory, defines a general-
purpose mechanism for defining architectural forms. This
also looks pretty interesting. It's worth looking at if
HTML 4 is going to go that route.



[*] I'm pretty sure that's the right term; UTF8, Shift-JIS,
that sort of thing.