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Philip Trauring (
Mon, 10 Apr 95 22:11:42 EDT

>On Mon, 10 Apr 1995, Philip Trauring wrote:
>> Integrating a signature tag is the only way to provide real document-level
>> security in WWW documents.
>Saying "my proposal is the only way" is not how things get accomplished
>in public developer forums. If you believe that strongly, create an
>implementation of your theory and make it available for testing, and if
>you convince enough people of its merits then it'll be adopted.

What I meant was that within the framework of HTML it is the only way to do
it. Implemnting this functionality outside of HTML proper is possible, but
it is more complicated for the user and harder for the document author to
create signed documents.

Also, I don't know what you mean by 'create an implementation' that's why I
posted a request for more information on how to proceed. Is there really
any way to test it before browsers implement the functionality?

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