Re: Registration of new Media Type multipart/form-data

Keith Moore (
Wed, 12 Apr 95 17:28:43 EDT

two suggestions:

1) I've privately suggested to Larry that the HTML forms use the same
cross-reference mechanism intended for MIMESGML. Components of the
"multipart/related" content type are allowed to reference other
components of the same multipart/related by their Content-IDs. So to
transmit a filled-in form, the outer layer is multipart/related, and
the first component of that multipart/related is a body part
containing a list of (Name, Content-ID) pairs that associate the body
parts with their form names. Assuming that MIME parsers/UAs will
support multipart/related, this allows the HTML forms to use the same
mechanism rather than creating a new one.

2) Ned suggested:

> I have no real problem with something like content-form-name, however, I
> think this may belong under the content-disposition umbrella. If this isn't
> a disposition for a body part, what is it? I think something like
> content-disposition: form; name=foo
> would be a nice way to do it that doesn't involve creation of another
> header.

I think this would also be acceptable.

Mainly I want to avoid creating a new mechanism that user agents have
to support, when an existing one will do.

Keith Moore