Re: <select>

Brian Behlendorf (
Wed, 12 Apr 95 21:00:45 EDT

I think it would behoove someone (preferably someone with a lot of
experience with HTML forms, as well as other GUI-building tools like CD
ROM authoring tools or Motif/X) to take a look at the current <FORM>
mechanism, take a look at the HTML 3.0 proposal (particularly file
upload, "scribble", and such - admittedly it doesn't add much) and then
step back and design a more comprehensive set of improvements and new
functions to <FORM>, and present that as a proposal. <FORM> is one of
the most undernourished parts of the HTML spec.

Ideally <FORM> could be revamped so instead of just text interaction
arbitrary media types could be plugged in... chew on that for a bit.