Re: New look at forms

Matthew MacDonald - FES ~ (
Thu, 13 Apr 95 16:57:42 EDT

> Working groups don't write proposals. Individuals in the working group
> write proposals, sometimes based on the working group discussion.
> Mainly, working groups discuss proposals that some member(s) of the
> working group wrote.
> Appealing for volunteers to do work has its charm, and is sometimes
> successful.
>-- End of excerpt from Larry Masinter

Ouch! ...Hey that was a sharp pointy brick.

Appealing for volunteers to do work is not my prefered method.
Obviously, you want me to do the Randian thing. Since I have no idea
how to proceed, if you would point me to a place were I might start aquiring
the knowledge to do the job myself, I will begin learning and bother you no