Re: Interpretation of RE

Peter Flynn (
Thu, 13 Apr 95 20:51:26 EDT

At 04:47 AM 4/12/95 -0400, Craig Hubley wrote:

>Anyway, I'd like to assemble a list of HTML products that disobey
>SGML rules,

Ooooh, you _like_ flames...:-)

Who should be the arbiter of disputed claims? perhaps SGML Open?

It might be more constructive to keep a list of conforming systems.
(Certainly this would be a shorter list. :) The only product I know of that
claims conformance is SoftQuad's HoTMetaL (as stated in the "About..." screen).

Surely most (all?) HTML browsers are not "conforming SGML systems" in terms
of ISO 8879-1 since they choke on so many standard features of the language.
As far as I know, only Panorama is a conformant browser.

There are many more conformant editors...all the regular SGML editors,
for example, plus there's all the databases, all the parsers, all the
conversion systems...whoops, no let's get that right...a small
percentage of the conversions systems.

Does anyone know what the official hoop is that a system has to go
through to get to label themselves as conforming to ISO 8879 etc? Is
there a TRIP or TRAP test equivalent for SGML?