Re: Vendors taking SGML seriously

David - Morris (
Fri, 14 Apr 95 01:05:18 EDT

On Thu, 13 Apr 1995, Gavin Nicol wrote:

> Anyway, I think we should start moving toward requiring stricter
> conformance to SGML and HTML. Validation services are obviously
> useful, but really, browsers should be fixed too.
> I think the idea of a "The top 101 mistaked in HTML authoring" guide
> would be extremely useful.

I for one would have loved a browser or two which accurately diagnosed
errors in my documents rather than munging ahead with bizare output.
It should of course be optional. I would care less about other peoples
bugs. Validation services are nice but not all that useful when the
HTML is output from a program.

And even nicer would be the previously suggested ability to view the
errors (and print them please). When I tried to use arena a few months
ago it complained about invalid HTML ... trouble turned out to be that
arena wasn't ready for forms.

Dave Morris