Re: Redoing Forms

Alex Hopmann (
Fri, 14 Apr 95 16:15:11 EDT

> >Sounds like developing a set of proposals for extending forms would
> >be a good sub-committee task. We still need to see some interest
> >from the implementors in participation.
> More importantly, we need to detail what functions people want forms
> to do with some explicit examples. Someone mentioned that the nested
> select wouldn't be good for an automobile catalog. If the exact
> function was described with a detailed example, it would start the
> ball rolling on what forms would be for. The original implementation
> of forms was probably based on one specific need, and all the
> "discussion" has resulted in trying to over-extend the Form to fit
> other needs.
Hmmm, I just wanted to comment that we have been doing some work on a
mechanism that I think works much better than HTML forms because we had some
very clear performance requirements for a product we were developing (IE: It
had to look like a real application on multiple platforms). I would be
interested in forming a group of people addressing this issue, and as a
matter of fact was planning on writing up what we have done by the next IETF
or so (although I typically never get enough time to actually write things
up, but I'll try).

Alex Hopmann
ResNova Software, Inc.