SGML confirming?

Daniel W. Connolly (
Mon, 17 Apr 95 15:18:52 EDT

Arthur van Hoff writes:
> Has anyone succeeded in using an SGML compliant parser to parse
> HTML2 and HTML3 documents?

Yes. I do it as a matter of routine by now.

> If so, could you please point me to it?

Everything you need to run SGMLS (a conforming SGML system) on
HTML documents is available at:

HTML Check Toolkit

Mark A. Gaither (

Thank you for your interest in the HTML Validation Toolkit. We hope
that this will make maintaining HTML documents easier and increase the
fidelity of communications on the World-Wide Web.

Features and Benefits

Increase the consistency and quality of the HTML documents at
your site.
Gain an understanding of the HTML 2.0 standard through trial
and error with immediate feedback.

System Requirements

This toolkit is currently supported on the following platforms
only. We hope to support the toolkit on other platforms in the near
future. If you'd like to submit a sgmls binary, please read these

Supported Platforms

SunOS | Solaris | IRIX | HP-UX | SCO | DEC Ultrix | BSD | Linux | AIX | OSF/1 |
NetBSD Sparc | MIPS EP/IX | VAX Ultrix | Domain/OS | Nextstep

> I'm trying to use a DTD driven SGML parser to read HTML documents but I
> am finding that the HTML standard has diverged significantly from the
> SGML standard.

Could you be more specific? Do you mean that the HTML spec actually
conflicts with the SGML standard, or that lots of documents out
there are not conforming SGML documents?