Re: HTImage
Wed, 19 Apr 95 19:46:00 EDT

Peter Flynn writes:
> I'm sorry to go off-track for a minute, but I've had a mail from
> someone badly stuck trying to get imagemaps to work with the CERN
> server, and he says he's had no response from CERN. Basically he can't
> find the HTImage script or executable which is supposed to handle the
> mapping lookups. There are several found by Archie, but none appear to
> work, and I've looked in the CERN ftp server and indeed there doesn't
> seem to be anything obvious there. Could someone who has implemented
> image mapping with the CERN server please mail me?
> We now retur to our scheduled service...

This comes with the CERN httpd - its in the Daemon/Implementation
directory, and should be built when you do a 'make' in the toplevel WWW

-Bill P